My 7 Reasons to Buy a Kindle Review

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Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation with Cover

One of my new years resolutions in 2020 was to read more books. I set myself the target of one book a month. Then I thought am I going to buy actual books or ebooks like before on my ipad. Problem was, my ipad mini was so old that it didn’t take the new kindle for ipad app. So I had to decide, do I upgrade? That was going to be really expensive just to read a few books. That made me consider my 7 reasons to buy a kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite Review

I was looking at the basic model to keep the cost down. First thoughts were that it seemed so small and black and white was a bit iffy. Also I was considering the version with special offers because there was a saving vs the clean version. 

What sold me on the kindle was the screen and the ability to read in bright light, plus it was better for your eyes than the ipad. This 10th generation is also completely waterproof so that meant that it was durable and usable around water. I finally settled on the Paperwhite 10th generation 8GB  bundle with a cover.

Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon

Startup was easy peasy, in a couple of minutes I had bought my first book and was reading. The special offers are no problem at all. All that happens is that when you are not using it the screen shows a book offer. It is not at all intrusive nor does it intrude or take over while you are reading, so completely unnoticeable. If you really don’t like it you can pay to have it removed afterwards.

Kindle Paperwhite with Ads

The build quality if very good even though it is made of plastic. The standard cover is also I am now on my third book on the kindle and I absolutely love it. I enjoy using it and look forward to reading.

My 7 favourite reasons to buy a Kindle

  1. The battery life is unbelievable, lasts for weeks and weeks, had it for 2 months now and only charged it twice.
  2. All you need to remember is to take your Kindle and you automatically have all your books. No need to remember a specific book or books.
  3. The small size is perfect, not too small, easy and light to hold and carry around.
  4. The screen really is like a book, very comfortable to read and completely readable in dark or light, virtually no difference.
  5. A feature I dint even know would be so useful is the ability to record notes while you read by highlighting text and making annotations. Then at the end of the book you can export and email to yourself, brilliant!
  6. Buying books off Amazon is fast and easy, not really cheaper than the paper version but much more convenient.
  7. There is also the option to have audio books or read and audio, although I have not used this.