Lifehack is born

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This moment in my life was massive for me. It was my first bungee jump and the start of a new chapter diving into the unknown. Trusting that I would bounce back and go on to discover even more about life, little did I know how true that would be. This is kind of how I see this blog, a dive into the unknown and a journey to find the secrets to a great life.

As the cliché goes its not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters. That is what I am learning day by day. I want to share my journey through life and the lessons I continue to learn. I am hoping that by sharing my experiences and insights it will motivate other people to take charge and find the shortcuts to wherever they are headed. As my journey continues and I uncover new secrets, I find myself asking “But why did I not know this, if only I had known sooner.”

There just seems to be so much information going around these days on every topic under the sun. The ones that interest me are health, wealth and happiness and our amazing country South Africa. With more information comes more understanding and more enlightenment. The consequence is that many of the gospel truths that I have always lived by are being turned upside down, thrown out the window, becoming irrelevant or just don’t make sense anymore.

I will pick out those themes that I call lifehacks because they challenge how we have been taught to live and be successful and be happy and be healthy.